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Supreme Court Recognizes Co-mothers – but Treats Foreign Same-sex Marriages as Life Partnerships | Germany

In line with an earlier decision on same-sex parents following surrogacy in California, the German Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) on 20 April 2016 recognized two co-mothers in line with South African law. As part of its decision, the Court also settled the question whether foreign same-sex marriages were to be considered as marriages or as life partnerships under German law. It opted for the lower status, affirming the central importance of marriage’s opposite-sex character.

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Montenegro Announced OutLeadership Initiative for the Western Balkans

During the 4th IDAHO International Forum in Copenhagen Montenegro Government Minister Numanović announced the OutLeadership initiative as a platform for the promotion of diversity and LGBT inclusion in the Western Balkans. This initiative is led by the Government of Montenegro, in partnership with OutLeadership New York, US UCLA Faculty of Law - Williams Institute, Egale Canada, and the European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law (ESCOL), as well as a number of other institutions, universities and the world's best-known experts in this field.

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