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ECSOL-Factsheet on Lisbon-Treaty | European Union

The new EU treaties introduce equality mainstreaming with respect also to sexual orientation in all Union activities, attach the same legal value to the Fundamental Rights Charter (probiting sexual orientation discrimination) as to the Treaties and offers potential for recognition on same-sex marriages, registered partnerships and rainbow-families in crossborder-cases. ECSOL has elaborated a fact-sheet on these important progress in Union law.

ECSOL accepted to the Fundamental Rights Platform | EU-Agency for Fundamental Rights

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights ( accepted the European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law (ECSOL) as a member of its Fundamental Rights Platform. The Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) ( is a network for cooperation and information exchange, set to act as the main channel for FRA's cooperation with civil society and to ensure a close cooperation between the Agency and relevant stakeholders.

European Parliament reaffirms LGBT rights are a condition to join the European Union | European Union

Today the plenary session of the European Parliament adopted reports on the accession to the European Union for Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. All three reports call on candidate countries to provide genuine protection to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender minorities, and remind candidate countries that the protection of all minorities is a non-negotiable condition to access the European Union.

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