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Committee of Ministers Recommends to Combat Sexual-Orientation- & Gender-Identity-Discrimination | Council of Europe

The Committe of Ministers of the Council of Europe (COE) adopted a historical Recommendation on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Recommendation to the 47 member-states of the COE is an important overarching document which deals with: right to life, security and protection from violence; freedom of association; freedom of expression and peaceful assembly; right to respect for private and family life; employment; education; health; housing; sports; right to seek asylum; national human rights structures; discrimination on multiple grounds. In many respects the Recommendation reaffirms and specifies the ECtHR;s case law. The Recommendation has been elaborated by a COE-expert-commission presided by Swedish ECSOL-member Hans Ytterberg.

The full text of the Recommendation:

The Explanatory Report:

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