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European Court of Human Rights Establishes Registered Partnership as the Minimum Standard | Council of Europe

The European Court of Human Rights today, in a case litigated by ECSOL-member Alexander Schuster, found that Italy violated Article 8 ECHR by not introducing any form of legal recognition of same-gender couples. Whereas equal marriage, for the time being, remains a decision for the Member States, recognition of same-gender unions, at least in the form of a registered partnership, is a human right.

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European Court of Human Rights Holds Georgian Authorities Responsible for Homophobic Violence | Council of Europe

In its judgment delivered today in the case Identitoba and Others v Georgia the European Court of Human Rights has held the Georgian authorities responsible for homophobic violence against participants of a pride march in 2012. The Court stressed that Art. 14 of the European Convention of Human Rights prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The authorities should have ensured more police manpower by mobilising, for instance, a squad of anti-riot police, and state authorities have the duty to take all reasonable steps to unmask possible discriminatory motives, the Court said. Discriminatory remarks and insults must in any event be considered as an aggravating factor, it made clear.

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