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Swedish courts apply presumption of paternity rule to a trans parent | Sweden

A woman consented to her female cohabitant undergoing medically assisted procreation (MAP) services with donor sperm performed in private. Before the birth of the child the couple married and the birthmother’s female partner then obtained legal recognition for her reassigned gender as a man. When the child subsequently was born, the birthmother’s (now) husband was registered as the father of the child in accordance with the rule on paternity presumption (he who is married to the birthmother is the father of the child).

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Constitutional Court of Georgia Rules MSM Can Donate Blood | Georgia

Georgia’s Constitutional Court has upheld the claim challenging the conformity of the Order of the Minister of Labor, Healthcare, and Social Protection with human rights and fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution of Georgia. The Court ruled that the order that regulate the right to blood donation were unconstitutional.

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